XRP Research

XRP Research

XRP Ledger

XRP ledger is a decentralized ledger which works by peer-to-peer servers. XRP is a digital asset of the XRP ledger. Anybody having a cryptographic key and a running internet connection can send, receive, and hold XRP. XRP has a number of properties which is why it is an attractive asset:

  1. Fast, efficient Algorithm – The Ledger’s consensus algorithm makes the transactions to settle down in just 4-5 secs, it processes up to 1500 transactions per second.

  2. Censorship resistant process – A single party doesn’t decide if the XRP transactions fail or succeed, and no one can roll back the transaction once it is complete.

  3. Finite XRP supply – Initially, 100 billion XRP were created, and now it has decided that no more XRP will be created ever again.

  4. Secure cryptography – XRP ledger is supported by industry-standard digital signature systems like ECDSA, and it also supports efficient and modern algorithms like Ed25519. As the XRP ledger has extensible nature, it allows adding and disabling algorithms as cryptography advances.

  5. Smart contracts – XRP ledger offers a toolbox of advanced features like Escrow, payment channel, and checks, which also support financial applications like “Interledger Protocol.”

The XRP Army

XRP has a loud community for a very long time. It managed to become one of the most crowded favorite projects with an endless number of supporters. However, this is changing as many reports are indicating that the Ripple community is getting small day by day. It was found that a number of twitter users who discussed cryptocurrency fell by 16% while the XRP also declined 9.51% during the same time frame. Prominent proponents have started to call it quits with the XRP community. Hodor – a blogger, has left his accounts and blogs to fade away, which was one of the biggest driving forces on social media.

Tiffany Hayden, who is a self-proclaimed CEO of Ripple, also decided to sell her holdings even when she has many twitter followers who used to visit her page for news related to cryptocurrency. XRP army played a key role in the promotion of the coin. However, now it’s evident that the army is shrinking exponentially.