Will Ripple Manage to Continue Ongoing Stable Price Trend?

Ripple (XRP) has been trading on a slow and steady upward momentum since the beginning of 2020. The past one-day price chart also has seen the coin moving from being below the baseline to the upward range in a matter on a day with the price fluctuating between $0.2755 – $0.2847.

Ripple Price Analysis

Ripple (XRP) Price News

XRP coin was trading in the upper range for most of the past 24 hours. Though the price began below the baseline at $0.2755 in the initial hour of yesterday, the coin marked a slight recovery to the tune of 2.04% at 4:05 UTC at $0.2811. Then, at 4:52 UTC, the price of Ripple cryptocurrency went down to 0.2791 by a marginal fall. After this, the coin again took an upward rally and touched $0.2847, but the bears again managed to push the price of XRP downwards to $0.2806 at 16:14 UTC. Still, the price continued to push itself in the upward direction and reached $0.2841 at 23:10 UTC. However, at the time of writing, Ripple was trading at $0.2821.

XRP price has set the ball rolling in the crypto market and has to be seen whether it can manage to withhold its position in the short-term. Analysts are expecting that due to market volatility, the price may breach its support zone in the upcoming days.

Ripple (XRP) Trades Around $0.22; Price Movement Weakens in Later Hours

The cryptocurrencies are spotted improving from the last couple of days. However, there are few coins in the market that are still struggling to mark an astounding high. Ripple is considered to be in this group. If we analyze the movement of the XRP coin from the past week, the currency is seen locked around $0.22. The intraday movement in Ripple is considered moderate. The marginal profit could be expected from the intraday traders.

XRP/USD Price Chart:

Ripple (XRP) Price Chart

Ripple Price Prediction:

Yesterday, XRP coin started dealing at $0.226. The currency slipped to $0.219 by 3.07% fall. Further, the price picked up and touched $0.222. The coin dropped to $0.220. Ripple price improved in the later hours. Then, the price jumped to $0.226 by 2.39%. Then, again, it slipped to $0.222 by 1.76%. The coin escalated once again and closed the day at $0.2263. The progression marked 1.99%. The intraday movement in price marked an overall regression of 0.20%. Today, Ripple started the day with an escalation. The price counters changed from $0.2263 to $0.2273 by 0.48%. The price started dropping after that and touched $0.219 by 3.73%.

Ripple price is slipping tremendously, and it has breached the immediate support level at $0.221. In some hours, there is a strong possibility that the XRP price would fall below the next support level. The traders interested in the coin are recommended to opt for long-term investment. The short-run in the coin seems risky for the traders.

Ripple Price Trades Moderately Around the Week

Ripple’s (XRP) movement has been quite disturbing from the past couple of months. The downtrend in the coin seems to extend. As per the current situation of the market, the cryptocurrencies are indicating loss along with top players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. The traders are eyeing for an early recovery, which seems to be on hold. In the week-long run, Ripple’s price seems to be moving around $0.236. There was a heavy fall in the XRP coin, which was recovered later.

XRP Price Prediction:

Ripple started the week at $0.228. The price jumped to $0.235 by 3.55% on November 23. On the next day, the XRP price slipped to $0.221 by 5.92%. On November 25, the Ripple price kept dropping and touched $0.215 by 2.66%. The escalation took the coin to $0.221 by 2.61% on November 26. On November 27, the XRP price jumped to $0.225 by 1.65%. On the next day, the currency dropped to $0.224. Today, Ripple has climbed by 1.81%.

XRP coin is currently dealing at $0.228 and slowly moving towards the immediate resistance level of $0.229. The traders interested in Ripple are recommended for long-term investors. The short-term investment might not give the desired return to traders.

XRP to USD Price Chart:

XRP/USD Price Chart

Ripple (XRP) Exhibits 12% Plunge During the 7-day Period

Ripple price movement has been quite disturbing from the past couple of days. The traders were eagerly waiting for an early upsurge but look like they have to wait for some time. XRP coin was seen touching 52-week low during the price crash. The same might become the cause for the fall to remain intact in the coin.

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP price was spotted dealing at $0.25080 on November 21, 2019. The intraday movement in the coin reflected a 2.24% fall. The regression was continued on November 22. The fall was registered as 5.71%. The uptrend embarked on the next day. The price escalated to $0.23647 by 2.63%. The price dropped to $0.22192. The loss was marked as 6.15%. On November 25, the heavy pressure in the coin took the Ripple price to $0.21851 by 1.54%. During the day, the coin was seen slipping beyond the 52-week low and creating a new at $0.207. Yesterday, XRP improved its movement and touched $0.222 by 1.65%. Today, the currency started with a slight uptrend, but it has started falling again. The coin is presently dealing at $0.21968.

Ripple Price

Ripple is considered as a high potential coin. Over the past few months, the coin is struggling to keep the uptrend intact, but the market pressure is bringing it down. However, there is a possibility for the coin to improve in the future. The currency might be seen giving flourishing results to the traders.

Ripple is sliding towards the immediate resistance level at $0.225. The intraday traders might be booking profit. The traders interested in the coin are suggested to opt for long-term investment. The specified period would give the desired result to the investors.

Ripple (XRP) Exhibits Reverse Movement from Yesterday’s Price Crash

  • Ripple price returns to $0.22 after hefty price crash of yesterday
  • Despite the recovery, intraday trading seems dull

Ripple price movement has been quite disappointing for quite some time. In yesterday’s price crash, XRP price dropped below 52-week low. Well, the currency embarked improvement thereafter and is currently at $0.22028.

The intraday traders might be spotted booking marginal profit. The momentum of Ripple is not as impressive as per the current market scenario. The same is speculated to improve in the coming days.

Ripple Price Prediction:

Yesterday, the XRP coin started dealing at $0.22249. The currency fell tremendously in the opening hour and touched $0.20278 by 9.17%. Ripple price escalated to $0.21645 by 6.47%. The recovery was followed by another fall that brought the coin to $0.20787 by 3.96%. Further, the XRP coin jumped $0.22559 by 8.52%. During the closing hours, the currency dropped to $0.21927 by 2.84%. The intraday movement brought 1.47% loss in the coin. Today, Ripple started the day with a fall of 2.12%. The counters switched from $0.21927 to $0.21477. Further, the XRP coin price recovered and touched $0.22115 by 2.97% hike.

XRP/USD Price Chart

The current price of Ripple is $0.22028. The coin seems to be moving towards the immediate resistance level at $0.227. In the coming hours, the currency might be spotted breaching the same. However, if the movement reverses, Ripple would find immediate support at $0.208. The coin is speculated to give best result to the long-term traders. The short-term investment might give the traders their desired result.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.227359 S1 $0.208449
R2 $0.236096 S2 $0.198276
R3 $0.246269 S3 $0.189539

Will Ripple (XRP) Be Able to Shrug Off the Bearish Trend?

Ripple price has been able to hold its ground even in the ongoing bearish pressure in the crypto market, indicating the strong potential of the coin. The past seven-day price trend for XRP shows that the coin had maintained its price level for the first two days, but then, the XRP price slid down during the latter part of the week. The price of Ripple was trading between $0.248 – $0.266 during this period.

Ripple Price Analysis:

XRP price has the ability to get even with the bears at intermittent intervals, as seen from the weekly price movement. From a high of $0.2663 on November 15, Ripple price slid to $0.2567 on the same day with downward movement of 3.61%. The good run continued for the coin and it reached $0.2638 the next day, showing an upward rally of 2.68%. Though the price of XRP coin managed to sustain its upward momentum in the coming days, the bear pressure got too much to handle, and the price slid to $0.2493 on November 18. There seemed to be some relief for the coin when the price went upwards to $0.2536 on the same day at a rate of 1.70%. The price continued being below the baseline and went down again to $0.2483 on November 19. Ripple price bounced back slightly on November 20 when the price went up to $0.2565 to the extent of 3.33%. The current day’s price is at $0.2504, showing a fall of 2.42%.

Ripple Price Chart

XRP coin has been undergoing variations due to bear pressure being exerted at regular intervals and affecting its price. Analysts expect Ripple to come out of this bearish phase, and the coming days will be crucial for the coin. Current investors should wait and watch the crypto market movements and hold on to their investments for the time being.

Ripple (XRP) Loses 3.25% in Three Months

The last three months’ journey of XRP coin has been full of price fluctuations, and the three major price variations have cost it 3.25% in value. The major price variations have been in the range between 0.3199 USD and 0.2319 USD.

Ripple Price Analysis

On August 21, Ripple was being traded at 0.2642 USD, and over the next 28 days, it got a hike of 21.08% to reach 0.3199 USD.

On September 18, it started weakening, and after losing 27.63%, Ripple price fell to 0.2319 USD by September 24.

It was followed by a 34.45% hike that added 0.0800 USD to the value and placed XRP coin at 0.3122 USD by November 07.

From November 07 to 19, the currency witnessed a freefall of 21.36%, and it pushed Ripple’s price to go as low as 0.2455 USD.

The market cap of XRP on August 21 was 11.420 billion USD, and it has been down to 11.170 billion USD as of now. Over the last three months, it has shown enormous volatility. Ripple’s 50 days MA stands at 0.2556 USD, and the 200 days average is now at 0.2633 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.261051
2nd Resistance $0.265603
3rd Resistance $0.272643
1st Support $0.249459
2nd Support $0.242419
3rd Support $0.237867

Ripple (XRP) Declined Heavily by 38% Over the Last 6 Months

Ripple’s price was $0.40673 on May 19, 2019, with an upward trend. Despite a fall on May 22, 2019, it rose upwards, with an increase of 28.97%. On May 26, 2019, XRP coin maintained the upside momentum and reached $0.48939. The same trend continued until July 10, 2019, post which the price started to deplete. While writing this piece, Ripple price continued to present a downward movement.

Ripple Price Prediction

As per the price movement of XRP coin since September 18, 2019, it currently shows a downtrend by 23.17%. Ripple price might reach to its next support at $0.24670 shortly.

If you wish, you can purchase new ones or hold certain coins as per the trend noticed. The past 6-month price evaluation reveals that since July 2019, Ripple has been reflecting a bearish trend. If the price of XRP coin remains to fall from here on, $0.23645 and $0.21961 can the next major support levels. It is advisable to trade Ripple from a long-term perspective.

Ripple Price

Ripple (XRP) Remains Sluggish, Loses 2.54% Overnight

Ripple has made a moderate fall over the last 24 hours, and it has shown three huge price shifts to justify its 2.54% decline in the value. However, XRP coin’s market cap has shown an increment over these 24 hours.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP coin opened the day at 0.2677 USD, and over the next 4 hours and 17 minutes, the price fell to 0.2620 USD due to a 2.13% decline. The second variation happened between 09:00 UTC and 14:32 UTC, and in these 5 hours and 32 minutes, Ripple price loses 6.40% to be placed at 0.2518 USD, the lowest of the day. It was followed by a 3.96% hike over the next 11 hours and 26 minutes, and this hike pushed XRP price to 0.2618 USD from 0.2518 USD.

XRP Price Chart

Ripple’s market cap on November 15 was 11.329 billion USD, and it has risen to 11.357 billion USD over the last 24 hours. It should be noted that it’s market cap was on a gaining mode since November 12 apart from yesterday.

The 20 days average of XRP is now at 0.2609 USD, and it’s 50 days average stands at 0.2611 USD. Ripple may have its next halt at 0.2685 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.26850
2nd Resistance $0.27536
3rd Resistance $0.27968
1st Support $0.25733
2nd Support $0.25302
3rd Support $0.24616

Ripple (XRP) Declines by 4% During the 7-day Period

Ripple was seen fighting from the heavy market pressure in the past few days. Well, the pressure seems to be taken over the coin as it is dealing with the bear today also. If we broaden our lenses and see the 7-day chart, then there is a 4% fall in the price as XRP coin was at $0.27525 on November 09, and today, it is at $0.26421.

Ripple Price Prediction

Ripple Price

The above given chart is indicating a tremendous fall in the price of XRP coin. On November 09, the price of Ripple was at $0.27525. The intraday movement brought an escalation of 1.93% and took the price to $0.28065. On November 10, the price kept trading around $0.280. On the next day, the XRP price started falling. The counters moved from $0.28070 to $0.27475 by 2.14%. Further, the price shifted to $0.27205 by 0.98%. On November 13, there was again a tight hold at $0.272, but the same was interrupted by yesterday’s price fall. Yesterday, Ripple price shifted to $0.26886 by 1.41%. Today, the price of XRP coin moved to $0.26315 by 2.12% drop. The week-long movement indicated an overall regression of 4.39%.

As per the resistance and support levels are given below, the coin has breached the immediate support level at $0.267 and touched the next support level at $0.264. It will be a surprise if Ripple price drops to the major support level at $0.261.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.273483 S1 $0.267684
R2 $0.276575 S2 $0.264977
R3 $0.279282 S3 $0.261885

Despite marking disappointing movements, Ripple holds a high expectation of improvement. We are also positive that the XRP price would recover again. The traders interested in the coin are recommended to opt for long-term investment as it might bring a massive return.