Ripple (XRP) Trades Around $0.22; Price Movement Weakens in Later Hours

The cryptocurrencies are spotted improving from the last couple of days. However, there are few coins in the market that are still struggling to mark an astounding high. Ripple is considered to be in this group. If we analyze the movement of the XRP coin from the past week, the currency is seen locked around […]

Ripple Price Trades Moderately Around the Week

Ripple’s (XRP) movement has been quite disturbing from the past couple of months. The downtrend in the coin seems to extend. As per the current situation of the market, the cryptocurrencies are indicating loss along with top players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. The traders are eyeing for an early recovery, which seems to be […]

Ripple (XRP) Exhibits Reverse Movement from Yesterday’s Price Crash

Ripple price returns to $0.22 after hefty price crash of yesterday Despite the recovery, intraday trading seems dull Ripple price movement has been quite disappointing for quite some time. In yesterday’s price crash, XRP price dropped below 52-week low. Well, the currency embarked improvement thereafter and is currently at $0.22028. The intraday traders might be […]

Will Ripple (XRP) Be Able to Shrug Off the Bearish Trend?

Ripple price has been able to hold its ground even in the ongoing bearish pressure in the crypto market, indicating the strong potential of the coin. The past seven-day price trend for XRP shows that the coin had maintained its price level for the first two days, but then, the XRP price slid down during […]

Ripple (XRP) Declined Heavily by 38% Over the Last 6 Months

Ripple’s price was $0.40673 on May 19, 2019, with an upward trend. Despite a fall on May 22, 2019, it rose upwards, with an increase of 28.97%. On May 26, 2019, XRP coin maintained the upside momentum and reached $0.48939. The same trend continued until July 10, 2019, post which the price started to deplete. […]

Ripple (XRP) Remains Sluggish, Loses 2.54% Overnight

Ripple has made a moderate fall over the last 24 hours, and it has shown three huge price shifts to justify its 2.54% decline in the value. However, XRP coin’s market cap has shown an increment over these 24 hours. Ripple Price Analysis XRP coin opened the day at 0.2677 USD, and over the next […]

Ripple (XRP) Exhibits Signs of Improvement

Ripple reflects an improvement on the YTD price chart The XRP coin still holds the expectation to improve Ripple is considered to be a result-yielding coin. The currency has always outperformed the traders’ expectations. In the past few months, the XRP coin is registering a fall in the price of the coin. The currency tried […]